Personal Branding Consultant: How They Work

There was a time, before the Internet, when you didn't have to worry about hiring a personal branding consultant. You didn't really have one, because you weren't encouraged to splash out everything from your vacation photos to your political leanings out to the entire public.

Fortunately or unfortunately, all of that has changed. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, LinkedIn and other technologies, you're out there more than ever. Whether you're an entrepreneur, looking for work, or just working with the public in your job and concerned about what face you present to the Internet, you need a personal branding expert.

How Personal Branding Consultants Get The Job Done

Personal branding consultants start with two reference points: What you've put out there or what's out there about you, and what image you'd like to present to the larger internet. They assess what the gap is between the two. You could only need some fine-tuning to your online reputation, or you could need a wholesale re-imagining of who you are online.

What might surprise you is that there's a gap in the first place. A good personal branding advisor offers an outside perspective that doesn't have any sort of bias and can offer a perspective on your current self-branding and how it's seen that can help you understand how others perceive you.


You may come off far differently online than you think.


How A Personal Branding Expert Can Help You

A personal branding expert offers strategies that rapidly speed up the branding process. For example, if you're looking to present a solely professional image to the wider internet and want to keep your personal social media presence off search engines, they can walk you through doing that in mere hours using strategies and short-cuts that simplify the process and help get the links off your search results.

Finally, they teach you how to maintain this brand and how to think from a brand perspective about the things you do online. If you want to share a link, it pays to stop and think how that caters to your brand and how it might affect the perception of your brand. From there, you can learn about how to build your brand, how to think like a brand and how to approach everything from social media to responding to criticism online with a clean slate so that you turn negatives into positives.

If this sounds complicated, it can be in places. However, if you want to or need to present yourself a certain way online, it will absolutely be worth the effort.

If you're concerned about your reputation online, or are beginning to focus on building your own personal brand, your first stop should be ReputationDefender. If you need to sort your private life from your professional, we'll be able to do that and grant you a much larger measure of privacy than you had before. If you're looking to deal with attempted smear campaigns or other problems that can make things difficult for you, we can help you push those down in search engine rankings with a wide range of products. ReputationDefender can work with you and your personal branding advisor to make sure that every time somebody looks for you, they always get exactly the impression you want.