Motel Marketing: How to Get Started Online

There's a lot more to motel marketing than just keeping up your sign.


Motel small business marketing is more work than even those most prepared for it realize. One of the key challenges is properly marketing your business to those who need it, and to bring it to the forefront of customers looking for a motel. How to do that? Here are three basic platforms and what you need to get started from them.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click is about as simple as motel marketing gets: You buy advertising on local websites and travel-oriented sites and when someone chooses to click on the ad, you pay the site for the customer. Sites such as your local newspaper, tourism sites oriented towards your area and travel sites targeted to your region are a good place to start.

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PPC's key advantage is that you only pay when a customer actually comes to your site, so it's cost-effective. The downside is that it's a passive way of attracting customers and depends heavily on site traffic. A customer has to come to that site, see your ad, choose to click on it and choose to book with you in order for it to be cost effective. That's a method that can break down in many places, so unless you can afford many links on high-traffic websites, PPC should really only be one part of your hospitality marketing plan.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another motel promotion tactic, and a popular one, is search engine optimization. This means that as people search for a specific term, your site is tweaked so that it appears at the top of the rankings. Generally, an SEO firm is familiar with how each search engine ranks results; they know what variables the engine looks at, how each of those variables are weighed and which ones your site is strongest and weakest in. The firm then does their level best to boost those variables as much as possible so that if somebody searches for, say, your town's name and “motel," your business is one of the first results.

SEO can be effective, but it's also a shifting target. Search engines tweak their formulas constantly, especially as they discover websites and companies trying to cheat their way to the top search results. Sometimes, in as little as a day, you can go from the top result to not on the radar depending on the company and the techniques it uses.



With the right marketing, this light is never on.

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User Reviews

Ironically, one of the best methods in motel small business marketing to get the most attention is one of the oldest: Good old-fashioned word of mouth. User reviews on travel and consumer ratings websites are an effective method of getting in front of customers and bringing them to you. Getting good user reviews has the perk of being a side effect of running your business well and treating your customer with respect.

That said, there are still disadvantages. First of all, you've got to motivate your customers to give you a review in the first place. No reviews are as bad as terrible ones on many websites. Secondly, a bad review can be difficult to reconcile and can drag down your rating on a specific website, and even get into search results as the first thing people see about your business.

If you're getting into motel marketing, get in touch with ReputationDefender. We've got years of experience helping customers build their online brands, with online reputation managers to teach you strategies, best practices and patented technology to ensure that a bad review doesn't wreck your brand. Any hospitality marketing will need a mix of all three of the above strategies, and with ReputationDefender at the wheel, they can ensure all of them promote you the most effectively.

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