Cyber Bullying and Teen Online Safety

MSNBC has a great article on cyber bullying and the digital mischief teens are getting into in the digital age. A child’s reputation can be damaged in the real world or online if parents do not properly educate their kids about the pitfalls of cyber space.

This easy-access technology has an even darker side — cyberbullying. It’s a problem that asserts is growing even as it’s getting more attention.

“For a lot of tweens and teenagers, it just turns into a catfight online,” says Sullivan who discusses this problem regularly when she’s visiting schools.

Since the bullying doesn’t happen face to face, the anonymity can allow the issue to quickly escalate. Sullivan contends that even kids who wouldn’t bully face to face can be quickly seduced by the power rush of bullying — even bullying their friends.

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Cyber Bully

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